Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Unedited Masters - Nashville 1970 Revisited (Import news)

Unedited Masters - Nashville 1970 Revisited (Import news)
This new and forthcoming volume of the "Unedited Masters" series will revisit the 1970 recordings from Nashville.
With this companion CD to "Nashville 1970" and "Nashville 1971"
we treat you again with studio outtakes you never heard in this form and sound quality before.
As usual everything is presented the way it was recorded and/or overdubbed in the studio.
We are confident that this volume will also become a favorite of yours and will not leave your CD player for a long time! ENJOY!

The CD comes in a standard jewel case with a beautiful 16 page booklet.
This is a limited edition so don't miss your chance to own a copy !
If it sounds like from outer space, you can be sure it's from VENUS .
Track Info:
01 Sylvia takes 7*, 9 - unedited 
02 Life Takes 1,2 - unedited
03 It's Your Baby, You Rock It backup vocals overdub - unedited
04 It Ain't No Big Thing ( But It's Growing ) unedited undubbed master
05 There Goes My Everything Take 1 ( different mix )
06 Faded Love unedited undubbed master
07 Snowbird Take 2 ( faded & different mix ) 
08 Patch It Up backup vocals overdub
09 You Don't Have To Say You Love Me undubbed master
10 Cindy, Cindy Take 1 ( faded )
11 Where, Did They Go Lord Take 1 ( different mix )
12 It Ain't No Big Thing ( But It's Growing ) master ( different mix )
13 Heart Of Rome Take 3 & Woek part take 1 ( overdubbed )
14 When I'm Over You unedited undubbed master
15 Help Me Make It Through The Night unedited undubbed master
16 Merry Christmas Baby Take 1 ( unedited )
17 Separate Ways unedited overdubbed master 
18 Burning Love Take 4
* previously unreleased
 Source: Elvis Collectors


  1. is die er al ,bedankt weer

  2. Kan het ook van Import News???
    Dan graag, zoniet begrijp ik ook!!
    gr. Stef

  3. Heb hem sinds eergisteren binnen in FLAC. Super CD. Merry Christmas baby is weergaloos.

  4. De Venus release is inderdaad een topper!


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