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Elvis in Hollywood (Bootleg Series) (Import news)

Elvis in Hollywood (Bootleg Series) (Import news)

Soon in the "Bootleg Series" is the CD "Elvis In Hollywood". This CD contains 10 complete mono masters and outtakes for the movie " Girls! Girls! Girls!" as released in 1962. Besides the music this CD contains movie radio trailers and promo’s plus as a bonus some instrumental tracks. This CD comes with a 12 pages booklet with photos and recording information.

Complete Masters & Alternate Takes (part 1)
01. Where Do You Come From (master take with count in)
02. Mexico* (dubbed film version)
03. The Bullfighter Was A Lady* (take 9)
04. I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here* (take 10)
05. El Toro* (take 2)
The Original "Girls! Girls! Girls!" Mono Masters
06. I Don’t Want To
07. We’re Comin’ In Loaded
08. Thanks To The Rolling Sea
09. Where Do You Come From
10. Girls! Girls! Girls!
11. Return To Sender
12. Because Of Love
13. The Walls Have Ears
14. Song Of The Shrimp
15. A Boy Like Me, A Girl Like You
16. Earth Boy
17. I Don’t Wanna Be Tied
18. We’ll Be Together
Complete Masters & Alternate Takes (part 2)
19. If You Think I Don’t Need You (take 9)
20. Earth Boy* (undubbed film version)
21. Plantation Rock* (take 17+vocal repair)
22. If You Think I Don’t Need You (take 10)
23. Blackstar* (composite master take 13 and insert #1 take 5)
Movie radio trailers and promo’s
24. Double Trouble
25. Live a Little, Love A Little
26. Charro! audio featurette
27. Charro! (#1)
28. Charro! (#2)
29. Charro! (#3)
30. Charro! (#4)
31. Charro! (#5)
32. The Trouble With Girls (#1)
33. The Trouble With Girls (#2)
Bonus Tracks
34. Guadalajara (backing group and choir)
35. Marguerita (instrumental take 6)
36. Shoppin’ Around (instrumental take 2 and 3)
37. Shoppin’ Around (instrumental take 4)
38. Plantation Rock (instrumental)

Source: Elvis Collectors

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