Friday, October 10, 2014

Elvis On Tour 1970 - Volume 2 (Elvis News)

Elvis On Tour 1970 - Volume 2 (Elvis News)

The year 1970 was without any doubt one of the best live years of Elvis. His concerts were breaking record after record, ‘Elvis On The Road’ became not only the most wanted show, but also world’s most expensive. This was the year the King set the standard for everybody else in the music business. “Elvis On Tour Vol. 2” is a comprehensive review of the November tour of that magical year 1970. With 140 pages, many new and unpublished photographs, and new fan stories, this book is highly recommended to every serious fan and collector. The book is limited to 500 copies!



  1. Thanks Albert for posting this.
    Kieran Davis is a well established publisher in the Elvis world....imo his books are definitely worth to add on to your Elvis library.
    Over the years he published several very interesting books.
    Here's a link where to order his books...(hope you don't mind Albert)....

    And also a link to a great interview with Kieran Davis...thanks EIN !!!....


  2. Thanks for the info Ray! Good suggestions / information is always welcome.


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