Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A Portrait In Music (Import news)

A Portrait In Music (Import news)

Who didn’t grow up with this classic album ? This is one of the bestselling ‘greatest hits’ albums that RCA ever released.
Now it’s finally released on silver pressed CD in a stunning full color 3- panel digipack with additional bonus tracks. It’s cool....and it’s classic!

01. Hound Dog
02. Jailhouse Rock
03. A Big Hunk O' Love
04. (Now And Then There's) A Fool Such As I
05. Wooden Heart 
06. Are You Lonesome Tonight?
07. It's Now Or Never
08. Kiss Me Quick
09. Good Luck Charm
10. You're The Devil In Disguise
11. Guitar Man
12. U.S. Male
13. Jailhouse Rock (take 5)
14. Guitar Man (take 5)
15. Good Luck Charm (take 1)
16. It's Now Or Never (take 4)
17. US Male (take 10)
18. A Fool Such As I (take 3)
19. A Big Hunk O' Love (take 4)
20. Devil In Disguise (take 1)
21. Are You Lonesome Tonight (take 2)
22. Kiss Me Quick (take 2)

Source: Elvis Collectors


  1. YESSSSSS !!!!! This is THE very first lp that got me hooked on Elvis !!!
    I remember my parents having this lp and I was totally stunned by the cover of this record....and man....when I played that record.....well.....I still have the original record....but I had to replace it by a new one because the original was just wore out.... ;)
    I think this is one of the coolest Elvis releases ever :)
    A big Thank you to my parents for introducing me to Elvis !!!!!

  2. Albert....thanks for posting this......this really made my day.
    I'm on the hunt now for this cd :)


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