Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Right By Your Side (DVD)

Right By Your Side (DVD)

Star Presents:

Right By Your Side - DVD RELEASE
The august 4, 1970 Rehearsal, Definitive Edition
STAR did it again! This is the must have Final edition of the August 4 rehearsal.
For the first time presented in full Widescreen, the best sources were used to 
create the ultimate experience, 
edits combined from both “That’s the Way it Is” movies (1970/2001) and 
outtakes, making  this the longest version ever released! (45 minutes)

Where your first reaction will be “Seen it so many times before” you will be amazed 
by this new approach… 

Picture and sound is improved, and the whole performance is more “alive” .

One of the highlights is the seven minutes  version of  “Bridge Over Troubled Water” , again edited
 “the way it should be” making you feel as Elvis is “Right By Your Side” …

This set presented in deluxe digipack, and as a bonus a booklet with 12 rare pictures is included.

The booklet Is limited to 250 copies!

Playing Demo's
That's All Right (instrumental)
Cattle Call / Yodel
Twenty Days and Twenty Nights
Something # 1
Farther Along
Something # 2
Santa Claus is Back in Town
Don't Cry Daddy
In the Ghetto
You Don't Have To Say You Love Me
Bridge Over Troubled Water

Source: STAR / Elvis Collectors

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  1. Sounds Awesome Alberto, Thanks For The Info


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