Sunday, July 30, 2017

Blue Hawaiian Style

Blue Hawaiian Style (July 2017)

Blue Hawaiian Style (LPM-01AR) (August 2017)


  1. Looks Great Alberto, Awesome Cover

  2. Great albums Alberto, but how can we get it, I need the june, july and august albums for me and my friends, we don't want to break this great series that you have done

    Elvisly Yours

    eaproy2, Mutt and Jeff

  3. Looking forward to these two releases on the magnificent A.Records "never ending" series of great releases :)
    Both movies are to me very enjoyable to watch.....with some songs that deserve more attention imo.....Drums of the Islands, This is My Heaven, No More....just a few of the beautiful songs that Elvis left us behind.....
    Thanks Elvis......for the wonderful moments and memories....
    Thanks Albert for bringing back memories.... :)


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