Friday, November 10, 2017

Kissin Cousins - FTD

Kissin Cousins - FTD

As part of its CLASSIC ALBUM series, FTD is pleased to announce the release of the original soundtrack album for “KISSIN’ COUSINS.” It features unreleased outtakes, rarities and an informative illustrated 16-page booklet with rare memorabilia, movie trivia and photos. Due to the small amount of existing outtakes (as Elvis didn’t record with the band) it includes instrumental masters recorded at the RCA Studio in Nashville that show the great musicianship of the players.


01 Kissin’ Cousins (Number 2) 
02 Smokey Mountain Boy 
03 There’s Gold In The Mountains 
04 One Boy Two Little Girls 
05 Catchin’ On Fast 
06 Tender Feeling 

07 Anyone (Could Fall in Love with You) 
08 Barefoot Ballad 
09 Once Is Enough 
10 Kissin’ Cousins 
11 Echoes Of Love 
12 (It’s a) Long Lonely Highway 


13 Kissin’ Cousins (Number 2) (unedited master)* 
14 Catchin’ On Fast (unedited master)* 
15 Anyone (Could Fall in Love with You) (v.o. take 2/alternate master)* 
16 Kissin’ Cousins (hillbilly vocal)* 
17 Kissin’ Cousins (regular vocal)* 
18 Barefoot Ballad (vocal overdub, take 2 & pickup take 4 - partial)* 
19 Barefoot Ballad (instrumental)* 
20 There’s Gold In The Mountains (instrumental)* 
21 Pappy Won’t You Please Come Home (Dolores Edgin vocal, take 6/M)* 
22 There’s Gold In The Mountains (track, takes 1-2)* 
23 One Boy Two Little Girls (track, take 2)* 
24 Once Is Enough (track, take 1)* 
25 Tender Feeling (track, take 1)* 
26 Kissin’ Cousins (Number 2) (track, take 1)* 
27 Smokey Mountain Boy (track, take 1-intro & take 4/M)* 
28 Catchin’ On Fast (track, take 1 & ending take 2)* 
29 Barefoot Ballad (track, take 2)* 3:06 
30 Anyone (Could Fall in Love with You) (track, take 4)* 
31 Kissin’ Cousins (track, take 1)* 1:49 
32 Tender Feeling (vocal only, take 1/M)* 2:39 

* previously unreleased

Source: ElvisCollectors

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  1. Okay....gotta confess......Barefood Ballad is my guilty pleasure !!! Don't know why....I guess it puts me in a good mood every time I listen to this song.... :)Also "Anyone" is a great song....
    Thanks Albert for posting this news.


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