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Here I Go Again (Double Vinyl Album + CD) (Red & Blue Edition)

Here I Go Again (Double Vinyl Album + CD) (Red & Blue Edition)

23 years after the first DIAMOND ANNIVERSARY EDITIONS release "old times they are not forgotten" the DAE team has joined together for some very special releases.

But first a little bit of Elvis history:
All recordings on the DAE label were never released before in any form. Due to the many copies ( read: "counterfeits" of the originals) that were made from the original DAE releases it did not make much sense to do another run of the original releases at the time. This is maybe also a good opportunity to state that DAE never did a reissue of any kind. At the time there was the original run and a reprint was never issued. Most copies that appear from time to time on the market are therefore not the original DAE issues and have nothing to do with the original label. With as a lowpoint the humiliating release of "the very best of diamond anniversary". Till now it is the first time the DAE team has joined forces again for this very special release.

Back in the old days of the 90's vinyl was out of fashion and compact discs were the new medium. Therefore the request for cd's was so much higher and after locating the shows they were only released on cd. Now with the revival of vinyl, DAE decided to give the shows a well-deserved re-release on vinyl.

The first title chosen is actually the 5th cd release : HERE I GO AGAIN. Containing the August 24 1969 midnight show. Back in the days the tape was wrongly dated and it was released as being the August 23 dinner show.

This new release of HERE I GO AGAIN is completely updated and remastered and for the biggest part sourced from multitrack sources plus the original tape used for the cd release.  

We realize our friends from Gravel Road Music have also reissued the show with a little bit of help from the original DAE tapes but they left out some tracks of the original show, which were replaced by other versions. And the so called "raw material" did not add much to the package as we believe even the original cd release is sounding way better.

We believe this new updated double album is the best outing of this show till now! And of course the show is included on cd too.

This release is very limited and is available in red or blue vinyl presented in a gatefold sleeve.

Get it while you can and add this awesome DAE product to your collection.

Source: ElvisCollectors

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