Thursday, February 1, 2018

Tearing 'Em Up! - Venus Productions

Tearing 'Em Up! - Venus Productions

Coming Soon "The King In Motion" Volume 3 "Tearing 'Em Up! - The November 1971 Tour"

Feat. a brand new 40 min. DVD with unreleased footage from november 1971.
Synced to the Soundboard of november 10, 1971.

A 209 page book including many unseen photo's covering the entire tour.

And 2 CD's Feat. the Soundboard from november 10, 1971 in Boston.
And a promo disc for an upcoming new entry in the unedited masters series.

Source: ElvisCollectors


  1. A very interesant release.
    Thanks Alberto. I want this.

  2. tHIS was another Big Ass Disapointment - The book promised unseen /unpublished photos ??? C'mon now all of these were lifted from many books by other Elvis fans that were published years ago , Kristen Davis and Paul Lichter among them . The DVD also promised excellent pic quality and mastered from original source reels ??? Really if that be the case then when was Sherif Hanna and Bud Glass consulted and handed over their films for mastering ??? what BULLSHITTTTTTTT


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