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Private Presley CD / Private Presley LP

Private Presley CD / Private Presley LP

A special release made for the Elvis Presley Festival in Bad Nauheim is a beautiful CD and LP Private Presley. 
The tracklisting features tracks released during his army period and home recordings 
and some post army tracks.

Source: Elvis Collectors

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  1. Red West, Elvis’ lifelong friend, doesn’t accept the suicide theory: “I know him like a book. I know he was religious, and I know what he would do and what he
    wouldn’t do. And he would not kill himself purposely.”

    Footnote:Maid Nancy Rook said David Stanley and Friend
    came to Graceland. David went up the stairs ,and then he
    went down the stairs. He said Elvis is with Ginger Alden.
    So i leave them alone.

    Footnote: The Stanley brothers would deliver Attack different hours of the day to Elvis room.
    may of ad·min·is·ter the drugs to Elvis presley.

    David says he found all 3 “attack” envelopes and several Demerol syringes nearly empty. He
    believes Elvis took all 3 “attacks” at once purposely, to end his life:
    David Stanley
    says the 4rst “attack” was usually given between 2 and 3
    a.m: “After he’d take his attack, attack one, he would have a
    couple of cheeseburgers,
    After sleeping for a few hours, Elvis would receive “attack” number two: morning hours. You know, you’re
    looking at 10:00 or 11:00. Then it would be attack 3,

    David Stanley said:(utube) listen :
    august 14,1977 I walk into Elvis Room
    The last time I saw Elvis presley alive.
    I was go out of town for couple of days.
    For tour,8-16-77,open Portland maine.
    I walk into To tell Elvis that I was leaving,
    for a couple of days do you need anything,
    and when i walk in Elvis was sit on his bed,, He was reading his bible,He look at
    me,Elvis said,Who am I.which I thought,
    was puzzling question,So I replied, Well you are Elvis presley the King.He held up the
    bible ,”No,there only one king”
    He said come over here talk to me.
    So I (David) sat on the bed. We talk about his father (Vernon ) and my mother
    (Dee) they were going through a separation (8-14-77) they were about to
    get a devorce(Dee blamed Elvis) and He said, what do you think about it? I said, Elvis …Then Elvis said
    something puzzeling,”David I want you to know something,next time you see me,i will be in higher place (plane)
    different plane”,I didnt know what that meant at the time.I was puzzeled by what he
    said to me. The last 6 months of Elvis Presley life,(didnt Stanley boys take drugs?)I mean Elvis
    addictions was driven by the doctor over prescription drugs, The doctors didnt kill
    Elvis, The (elvis)management didnt kill Elvis. I (david Stanley) didnt kill Elvis.

    Footnote:Remenber Elvis played Raquetball with Billy Smith(wife Jo) and Billy Smith help Elvis with his hair
    in the bathroom.They talked about Tours. Billy Smith said try to delete stuff but Elvis know if didnt get feelin.


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