Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Alternate Love letters From Elvis (Import news)

The Alternate Love letters From Elvis (Import news)

The perfect addition to your FTD album, presented in a beautiful 6 panel digipack.

01. Love Letters (undubbed master, rough mix)
02. When I'm Over You (strings overdub master)
03. If I Where You (undubbed master take 9)
04. Got My Mojo Working (brass overdub unedited master)
05. Heart Of Rome (brass & string overdub take 3 & wp take 1)
06. Only Believe (brass & string overdub master featuring horns)
07. This Is Our Dance (undubbed master)
08. Cindy Cindy (backup vocals overdub master)
09. I'll Never Know (undubbed master)
10. It Ain't No Big Thing (but it’s growing) (strings overdub master)
11. Life (additional string overdub master)
12. When I'm Over You (undubbed master,rough mix)
13. Got My Mojo Working (brass & string overdub master)
14. Cindy Cindy (brass & string overdub master)
15. It Ain't No Big Thing (but it’s growing) (brass & string overdub master)
16. When I'm Over You (backup vocals overdub master)
17. Got My Mojo Working (rehearsal July 16, 1970)
18. Heart Of Rome (rehearsal July 24, 1970)
19. Love Letters (live October 20, 1976)
20. Only Believe (live)
21. I'll Never Know (brass & string overdub master w.o backing vocals)
22. It Ain't No Big Thing (but it’s growing) (undubbed master)
23. I'll Never Know (brass & string overdub master)
24. Life (undubbed master take 20)


  1. Hello Alberto
    Please I would love to have a link for this. I've got the FTD version and this would really complete my collection. I love those June 1970 recordings.

  2. I don't have this new release.
    This is a Import news sections.
    This title is not in the "Elvis Import CDs" section.

  3. Well I'm sure looking forward to hearing this when it comes out. Thank you for the information-I appreciate it!

  4. Hoi Albert; is dit een nieuwe??? Ik heb deze al namelijk maanden in mijn bezit met dezelfde tracks? Groetjes Marcel.

  5. Dan heb je toch een andere versie in bezit Marcel! Dit is een Alternate.
    Deze release is afgelopen week pas uitgekomen op een unknown label.
    Voorheen was hier alleen een officiele en een FTD uitvoering van.


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