Wednesday, February 18, 2015

From St. Paul To Fort Wayne - Joseph A. Tunzi Book (Elvis news)

From St. Paul To Fort Wayne - Joseph A. Tunzi Book (Elvis news)

Coming soon is a new book release, Elvis Presley from St. Paul to Fort Wayne. (Joseph A. Tunzi, JAT Productions) 
From St. Paul To Fort Wayne" will be a hardback photo journal covering Elvis' appearances
in St. Paul, Minnesota in October, 1974 and his appearance in Fort Wayne, Indiana on October 25, 1976. 
There will be roughly 120 unpublished photos in this title.

Source: Elvis Collectors


  1. I Have Got All Tunzi books, And i am getting this, Thanks Alberto for info

  2. Thanks Albert for posting this......
    I am also a big fan of the Tunzi books.....but, the last few years I am waiting with buying his books until they are on E-bay for a reasonable price.
    IMO the quality of his books is less (way less) compared to the books released in the 90's.
    Price of the books and shipping nowadays is outrageous !!!! :(....even shipping costs withing the USA is outrageous....
    Again...imo Joe Tunzi got money hungry.....resulting in books that are less of quality and the price is too high !! :(
    I'll wait buying this book ....and will buy it in a few months when it is available on E-bay....for probably around the $25.00 !!!! :)


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