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Elvis ‘65 - Elvis For Everyone - Alternate Album (Import news)

Elvis ‘65 - Elvis For Everyone - Alternate Album (Import news)

Elvis '65- RCA 10th Anniversary Album ( ‘’ Elvis For Everyone’’ Alternate Album)
1965 celebrated the 10th anniversary of Elvis signing to RCA in November 1955. RCA released an ‘anniversary album’ with contained many , for that time, unreleased tracks and 1 overdubbed SUN recording. The album was titled ‘Elvis For Everyone ‘. “Elvis For Everyone!” was available at different countries around the world like in Italy where it was called “Elvis ´65” with the same track listing. So, the tracklist had nothing to do with Elvis’ 1965 recordings.
This stunning new ‘’ ELVIS ‘65 ‘’ digipack release contains 20 of the best outtakes and alternate versions of Elvis’ 1965 single releases and studio recordings. Although 1965 saw probably one of Elvis’ weakest recordings output, these 20 tracks show that he could still deliver the goods. It’s a truly enjoyable CD release !!

Blue river – original album version 
Wisdom of the ages – take 9 
Everybody come aboard – take 10 
Tomorrow night – overdub version, correct speed 
You’ll be gone – take 1 
Sand castles – take 8 
Do the clam – movie version 
Please don’t stop loving me – take 18 
Datin’ – alternate mix 
I’m yours – take 2 
Frankie and Johnny – take 1 
So close, yet so far – take 4 
Long lonely highway – single master 
Crying in the chapel – take 3 
Puppet on a string – take 7 
Kismet – take 4 
Easy question – take 3 
This is my heaven – take 4 
Beginner’s luck – master with additional intro 
Harem holiday – take 2

Source: Elvis Collectors

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