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Something Blue - Love Ballads Of The Sixties (Import news)

Something Blue - Love Ballads Of The Sixties (Import news)

A really beautiful release with a stunning cover, containing 28 hard to find outtakes of some Elvis’ best ballads, recorded in the sixties. The ultimate Elvis LOVE collection. Most tracks are unreleased in this form !! Some highlights are the hard to find version of It Hurts Me without the backing vocals, the original mono version of Home Is Where The Heart Is, the original album mix of Let’s Forget About The Stars and the master of What Now, What Next, Where To including the studio count- in.

Something blue – take 6 
Pocketful of rainbows – take 3 
It hurts me – without backing vocals 
Thrill of your love – take 2 
She’s not you – take 2 
Doin’ the best i can – take 9 
Angel – take 6 
Love me tonight – take 4 
Can’t help falling in love – take 26 
Please don’t stop loving me – take 10 
Today, tomorrow and forever – take 4 
Home is where the heart is – original mono 
I met her today – take 6 
The girl i never loved – take 11 
That’s someone you never forget – take 7 
Love letters – take 7
Are you lonesome tonight – take 2 
Fame and fortune – take 9 
I’ll remember you – vocal overdub 
Anything that’s part of you – take 7 
They remind me too much of you – take 7
What now, what next, where too – master incl. count in 
There’s always me – take 9 
Indescribably blue – vocal overdub 
I need somebody to lean on – take 8 
Startin’ today – take 2 
Almost – strings overdub 
Let’s forget about the stars – album mix 

Source: Elvis Collectors

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