Saturday, July 30, 2016

The Elvis Presley 'The Signature Collection'

The Elvis Presley 'The Signature Collection'

The Elvis Presley 'The Signature Collection' is limited to 500 units numbered and remastered for optimal listening :

Each of the ten (10) 'Signature Collection' releases will contain both a Vinyl picture disc EP 45 RPM and a compact disc vinyl replica including 4 titles EP vinyl + 4 rare and unpublished alternative versions. Rock'n'Roll, Live, Classical, Gospel, Blues, Soundtracks, Country, Ballads, Sun Studio and Christmas Songs:

With these 10 45 rpm color vinyl EPs and their associate Compact Disc you will find all facets of the talent of the King!

The 'Signature Collection' was designed by Culture Factory and Jean-Marie Pouzenc.

A new release every 3 weeks: Number 1,2 and 3 are already available.

Source: Amazon


  1. is this news coming from ????
    Out of the blue it's here !!!!!!
    Dang !!!! This is what I like !!!! Both vinyl and cd !!!
    Thanks Albert for posting this news......this is such a very beautiful set.....something that I need to have.
    Not sure what the prices will be for each.......but I tried to tell my wife that this is "essential" for my collection.....(I'm not sure if she believes me......)

    Albert.....thanks for putting me in the poor house......just kidding.
    Thanks buddy for posting this great news :)

  2. I see different prices Ray! ( € 17.99 and €32.40 )Volume 1, 2 and 3 are already sold out here in Holland. I think you must pre order to get all.


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