Saturday, June 3, 2017

Beyond All Bounds / December Heights - Touchdown Productions

Beyond All Bounds / December Heights - Touchdown Productions

Once again after a longer break Touchdown comes back with two new releases! The first one is „Beyond All Bounds“ which includes recordings from the Seattle concerts on April 29, 1973. The afternoon show is well known, but never sounded better than this time. The recording was carefully remastered and it now sounds clearer and much better balanced than before. Up on that we offer you six songs from the evening show from the same day in even better audience quality than the complete show from the afternoon. It’s a real treat to listen to the songs in this quality.

The second CD - „December Heights“ - offers the show from December 11, 1975 (10pm show). The show was released before from a much inferior sounding recording. The recording was mastered very carefully and now you get - besides the last two tracks - the complete show in excellent audience quality!
Both releases will be presented with beautiful 16-page booklets including lots of pictures from the concert respectively the Vegas season in question and informations about the concerts.

Source: Elvis Collectors

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