Monday, September 4, 2017

Elvis - The Movies Book

Elvis - The Movies Book

Writer Erik Lorentzen, known from The Elvis Files books and magazines, will bring another new book on the market this year. 
With the collaboration of Alan Hanson, Lorentzen will focus on Elvis's film career in the new 400-page book Elvis - The Movies. 
Of course, there will be a lot of pictures in the book with details about the many movies that Elvis made since '56.

Release date: December 2017

Source: ElvisMatters


  1. Oh Boy Oh Boy......Elvis movies have been exhausted in books, magazines, documentaries etc....
    I love Eric Lorentzen's books....but I'm not sure what he can add to the aal existing library of Elvis Movie books.....
    Probably I will get 0 t....if the price is right ;)

    Thanks Albert for posting

  2. We can expect quality again Ray! :-)

  3. To me Lorentzen books are fabulous, the best books by far. A fantastic work in a great collection. The best, without doubt, the pictures.
    Thanks for the info Alberto.


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