Saturday, August 16, 2014

Elvis - The Final Chapter 1977

Elvis - The Final Chapter 1977 (FLAC)

Label: Alberto Records
Release Date: (Homemade 2014)
Recording Type: Live
Sound: Very Good

01. Blue Suede Shoes (Norman, 1977 03 26 )
02. Are You Lonesome Tonight  (Norman, 1977 03 26)
03. If You Love Me (Let Me Know) (Kalamazoo, 1977 04 26)
04. Lawdy Miss Clawdy (Abilene, 1977 03 27 )
05. Polk Salad Annie (Milwaukee, 1977 04 27)
06. I Really Don't Want To Know (June 1977)
07. Reconsider Baby (Charlotte, 1977 02  21)
08. Early Morning Rain (June, 1977)
09. Johnny B. Goode (June, 1977)
10. Trying To Get To You (Abilene, 1977 03 27)
11. How Great Thou Art (June, 1977)
12. Unchained Melody (Ann Arbor, 1977 04 24)
13. Where No One Stands Alone (Montgomery, 1977 02 16)
14. Hurt (June 1977)
15. Little Darlin' (Ann Arbor, 1977 04 24)
16. My Way (Saginaw, 1977 04 25 )
17. Can't Help Falling In Love-Closing Vamp (Indianapolis, 1977 06 26)
18. My Way (1977) (Video)

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  1. Dat is een mooi eerbetoon Albert. Zou deze graag willen hebben. Mooi en onverwachts !!! Gr Marcel.

  2. Hi Alberto;

    If you could please send me the link for this one, it would be greatly appreciated. Have a great weekend and keep up the good work

    Kind Regards


  3. This month, an additional release because today is a special day.
    Enjoy this new title Marcel and bossmustang!

  4. mooie alberto ,mag ik deze ook .rest in peace elvis

  5. I have been remembering Elvis this past week and I would love to hear your collection of 1977 recordings. I've always though Elvis was in fine form vocally during 1977. His voice had grown beautifully. I'm hoping these recordings will prove me right.
    Kind regards always,

  6. Hi Dave, you can leave your email address through the contact form.

  7. Hi Alberto Great Looking Cover And Selection Of 1977 Live Recordings
    PleaseMay I Have The Link Best Regards allwaysonmymindelvis

  8. Hallo Albert, deze is mooi graag de link a.u.b gr Fred

  9. A sick man, that never should have performed the last few months of his life....but nonetheless he gave everything he had.....Thank you Elvis for everything !!!!! Sometimes I wonder how Elvis' live would have turned out .......oh well....wish full thinking......dammit !!!
    42 years.....way too young to die :(
    RIP Elvis !!!
    Thanks again Albert for keeping Elvis memories alive.

  10. can you could please send me the link for this one, it would be great. Have A Nice Week


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