Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Summer Feelings

Summer Feelings (FLAC)

Label: A. Records
Release Date: (Homemade 2015)
Recording Type: Studio / Alternate Takes
Sound: Very Good

01. Follow That Dream (take 3)
02. Beach Boy Blue
03. Island Of Love (take 8)
04. Rock-A-Hula Baby (take 3)
05. It's Now Or Never (take 3)
06. Do The Clam
07. Girls! Girls! Girls!
08. Hawaiian Wedding Song (take 1)
09. Fun In Acapulco
10. C'mon Everybody (take 7)
11. Girl Happy
12. Mexico (take 7)
13. Moonlight Swim (take 2)
14. Fountain Of Love (take 2)
15. I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here (Alternate Master)
16. Beyond The Bend
17. What A Wonderful Life (take 6)
18. Paradise, Hawaiian Style (take 1)
19. Blue Hawaii (take 3)
20. You Can't So No In Acapulco (take 4)
21. Slicin' Sand (take 3)

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  1. Hi Alberto, A Superb CD, Great Cover and Super Tracks
    Thank You

  2. Thank you Alberto! Another great Elvis compilation album with very nice outtakes.

    Best regards, David

  3. Hi Alberto;

    Thank you for another great addition, could I please have the link for this one.

    Thanks again, your efforts and your generosity are always greatly appreciated.

    Kind Regards.


  4. Hallo Alberto,
    Meld mig weer geer.
    Beej veurbaat dank!

  5. weer een mooie alberto ,stuur de duif maar weer ,thnx

  6. Thank you Manuel!
    Please sent email through contact form and then I can send you the info.

    1. elvisrodrigue40@hotmail.com and thank you Alberto

  7. Ben weer terug in het koud landje. Zou deze nog grag willen hebben als het gaat. Groetjes Marcel.

  8. Just in time before the end of the summer here in Oregon...well, I hope we have a month or tow to go... :)
    Follow That Dream is one of the first movies I saw when I was a kid....my parents let me stay up late to watch this movie :) (I think I was 9 yrs old or so)....great song...great movie....
    Great compilation Albert.... looking forward to listen to it :)


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